Being A Female That Loves Fishing

Being A Female That Loves Fishing

Being A Female That Loves Fishing

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I often hear women say how hard it is to be a female angler in a male dominated industry.  As a female, I guess that can be true, however, there are so many things you can do about it.

If fishing is something you love to do and you want to learn more, there are so many different avenues out there.  Youtube is a great place to learn about techniques and tips and ideas. Check out a couple I love:  There are endless fishing groups on Facebook, some geared strictly towards women.  Two of my faves:  You should try engaging on different social media platforms.  Twitter has such an amazing fishing community and I have made so many great friends there. I love getting to know people who have the same interests I do and I have never come across anyone on twitter who isn’t willing to help you learn!  You can get out there and join fishing clubs.  Do some research, there are plenty that welcome women.

There is really nothing to be afraid of!!! If fishing is your passion…get out there and do it!!  Don’t be afraid to try new lures, or different types of rods and reels.  If there is something you are stuck on…ask questions.  Fishing is such an awesome escape from day to day life.  I would love to see more women out there!  If you don’t have friends or family that share your passion, join a group.  You would be shocked at how many new female friends you can make that share the same passion.

Let me tell you something else.  If your husband or boyfriend loves fishing and you aren’t giving it a try with your other half, you are missing out!!  There is nothing in the world my husband and I love doing together more than fishing.  It’s such an incredible bond and just think how much your hubs will love that you have a shared passion.  It doesn’t have to be about icky worms and such.  Learn how to use lures!!! That will really impress your guy!  Then get out there with him and catch a bigger fish!  I hear from so many guys in the fishing industry that they wish their wives were like me and enjoy fishing!  If you haven’t given it a good try you should.

If you are already in the fishing industry and you are having a hard time advancing, there are some rules I live by.  Of course purely my own personal opinion, but I always conduct myself as someone who is serious about fishing.  I try to maintain a professional attitude, appearance and outlook at all times.  Remember anything you put out there is how you will be perceived!!

So I will end this post with this: #GirlsFishToo #ReelGirlsFish #FishLikeAGirl

Any ladies out there who would like to connect with me please feel free any time!




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