Dunamis Rods on The One More Cast Show

Dunamis Rods on The One More Cast Show

Dunamis Rods on The One More Cast Show

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Josh Phillips, the man behind Dunamis Rods and the industry’s first 100% Lifetime Guarantee, caught up with us at The One More Cast Show.

This interview was released in concert with the release of Dunamis Rod’s Series One and the product-wide announcement of the 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

If you’re curious about the man behind the company, you should have a listen to this show. Josh shares his thoughts on how expensive the sport can be, and how the price of gear can quickly spiral out of control for the average joe. The reason Josh started Dunamis Rods was to provide a high quality product at a reasonable price point.

It’s pretty common that the market confuses the consumer with Brand Terms and jargon replacing the true technology of rod building. Listen as Josh puts on a clinic questioning the price of building quality fishing rods, explains the difference between brand terms and the true rating system of rod blanks, and much more content that should better prepare you to make a smart purchase decision with your hard-earned money.

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