Dinner is served…

Dinner is served…

Dinner is served…

Joey Randall Advice, Bass

It’s that time of year again: The mayfly hatch is happening right now in the mid Atlantic through the south. I know you think mayflies and you wonder why you would worry about that unless you’re into bluegill and trout fishing, but the mayfly hatch brings in the bass.

Some bass are eating the mayflies but the ones you want to catch are eating the forage fish taking advantage of the mayflies. It’s that kind of “out-of-the-box” thinking that can get you on the right fish.

You can find mayflies in a variety of places. Typically you’ll spot them along the bank, clustered up on low hanging tree branches; give this a try: shake them from the tree limbs into the water to cause a feeding frenzy. Another great prime location is docks that have lights. Docks that have lights will attract the mayflies at night and they will congregate around those as well.

Here are a few baits and setups to help you catch_more_fish.


  • Pop-r with a 7′ MHF Dunamis rod with 15lb mono.
  • Buzz bait, also on a 7′ MHF rod with 15-20lb mono or 30-50lb braid.
  • Chatterbait with a Bizz Baits craw trailer on a 7′ MM-MHF Dunamis rod 15-20lb line of your choice. I suggest braid around grass.
  • 5-7″ bluegill swimbait on a 7’6″ HF Dunamis rod with 20-25 fluorocarbon.
  • Shaky head with a Bizz Baits dizzy diamond worm.

Try these tips and tricks on your next trip; happy fishing and TIGHTLINES!

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Kelly Moredock June 21, 2017 at 2:06 pm

This is awesome! Probably not something a lot of people would have considered!


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